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Ask the Patriarch 114
Grand Canyon Hike

from Jason Rogers

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You mentioned in a footnote to Meditation 409 that you were thinking of a Grand Canyon hike in Autumn. Were you still thinking of this? I've been dying to hike the canyon again since I went as a kid...


The Patriarch replies:


It is still my intention to do this, although I am not 100% committed. It depends on how my planned June hiking expedition goes (also mentioned in that Meditation 409 footnote.). But, I have every reason to expect that will give me confirmation of my fitness to handle the GC.

I'll be looking at late October or November based on availability of space at Phantom Ranch. I'll be looking at firming up dates in July.

In addition to that, I expect to be doing a Rim-to-Rim (north to south) with a group of old friends in June or July 2007. I expect that the specific dates for that trip will also be firmly established by this July.

I'll provide specifics for both trips in a follow up to this for anyone wishing to hike along with me.