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Ask the Patriarch 116
Help me with a web page

from Fred Rettinger

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I need help with web page to bring down the religious fanatics. See attached.

The Patriarch replies:


You do have an interesting perspective, but it has no relevance to my own objective of promoting agnosticism. Providing assistance to you would be allocating time that I would then not have available for my own endeavours. I will not be providing the help you request.

Setting up a web page is a fairly trivial task, and with the web page building tools available at an advertising supported free-hosting service, requires minimal effort even from a rank amateur. Creating a web page is the least of your problems.

What you do need to do is to express your ideas in a more coherent fashion than you have managed in your outline. If you can manage to do that, you might want to consider submitting your proposal for a Sex Addicts Church Venus to Yellow Onion Productions as outlined in A Miscellany 89.